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So tired.

So I finally managed to snatch a bit of free time today.

What have I been doing these past few months? Well, this and that, that and this.

Soooo. Update.

I did pass the audition for the entry to the music school, but after one semester I decided it wasn't for me curriculum-wise, so I withdrew. Apparently I was much missed by classmates. And I also got one of the highest grades. ^^

Didn't get the part for The Magic Flute, and when the auditions for Mercedes in Carmen came around I couldn't audition because I was performing at the Opera Cafe. (Mine was on an earlier date, though.)

Got a part-time job while at school, but now that I've got a full-time job I'm debating as to whether I should keep my part-time job.

Performed quite a few times with the chorus because we kept being engaged by various bodies, most recently yesterday*coughcoughmuttermuttercoughcough*. Also performed with the ladies' group my teacher organised to much applause XD Speaking of which, I need to learn the songs for the ladies' group.

Doing Carmen was ... interesting. Was horribly sick the first week, and I suspect I might have infected part of the chorus as well as the conductor. Incidentally, the conductor is a gorgeous gorgeous man who looks like Benedict Cumberbatch. Unfortunately, he is also married. Wore a pseudo-corset for the first time, and sung in it. Fell in 'like' with someone. Unfortunately, he was a guest chorus member from China, and had to go back to China at the end of Carmen. Also got a tiny crush on someone else, who's Singaporean. And realised that I have a type that I like OTL. The adorable and intelligent megane, preferably Asian-looking.

11 performances in less than 6 months. No wonder I'm exhausted. And another big one coming up - the Opera Ball at the end of next month. In which I will have to DANCE. Plus performances in June, July, possibly August, possibly September, possibly October and possibly December. I feel like getting a hair cut.

And I start work whenever they've finished with my medical check-up.

Yeah, that's about it.
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