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30 August 2010 @ 12:38 am
About the Singapore NDP rally  
...no really. We need good teachers of arts, sports and English? No shit, Sherlock.

And how the hell do you expect to get more babies if newly-wedded couples can't get a place to live within their means?

It's shiny that the rigs that finally stopped the Gulf of Mexico oil spill were built by Singapore firms, but that's only a tiny fraction of employing companies.

I don't object to foreigners coming in here, as long as the rising living costs lead to rising wages.

Please talk more about white collar people who have fallen though the cracks in the system because the government didn't/couldn't foretell that they would exist.

And please stop being so insensitive. I know your father is sitting right there in the audience, but still.

Stop thinking with the old mindset.

In short, please stop being such a fascist democracy, kthxbai.